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Teachers for the JDC

Lady Cunfaya

Lady Cunfaya is a well known Italian freestyle dancer with a speacial love for dancehall! She has workshops all over Europe and excites people with her passion!She is fierce and she will burn the dancefloor with her choreo!!

Oriana Siew-Kim

Original member of the ReQuest crew (Royal Family),3x Gold Medalist at HHI, dancer for JLo and Justin Bieber, she counts numerous workshops all over the world!She is a force of nature and will burn down the floor with her moves!Welcome on the team Oriana Siew-Kim!

Teddy Wigga

Teddy Wigga is a street style dancer/choreographer with a lot influences from dancehall style.Owner of Street school Brindisi, Winner of HHI competition 2015 and 2017 with his crews Imperosquad and KingzOftheSouth and many other high distinctions in competitions in Europe!He is doing us an honour to teach at our camp and we are very happy to have him!Teddy welcome aboard!

Rudi Smit

He is an international hip hop/jazz funk/waacking dancer and teacher with workshops ,competitions and judging all around the world!

His speed and sassy style are unique and we are proud to announce him as our next international teacher!!!

Zhian Lu

Zhian is a dancer, teacher and choreographer who developed a very special, own language of movement at an early age.

He started off dancing in Belgium but soon realised it was not enough and travel thru many country and continent to enrich his movement quality and vocabulary. He has devoted himself to choreography and teaching. His passion, special musicality and uniqueness quickly brought him great success in teaching and sharing his craft.
He has taught in Movement Lifestyle, Studio 68, BASE dance Studio London, Soul Dancing Studio Shanghai, 5km Shanghai, TNT Lucerne, Hip Drop Dance Complex Sweden, Move Zone Brussels, Full Out Dance Workshops Germany, and many more.
He now lives and works in London.!

kevin Cruden

He has his own dance company (Creative Academy of Dance- C.A.D) , he is a 2 time World of Dance Champion and has worked with a lot of great artists like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, LMFAO, REDFOO and many others…Another great dancer is joining us and will give us his amazing vibes!

Refael Bizhalevi

Refael is a dancer and choreogrpher from Israel, trained in noumerous dance camps in the USA and Europe.
Manager of the WOLFPACK IL crew,former member of the “dancehall Israel” crew for 2 years. It’s his first time teaching abroad and he is super excited about it

Claire Karapidaki

Next teacher from Greece with love
Claire was born in Athens and raised in Mytilini, Greece. She has been involved in the dance industry from an early age, collaborating with greek artists & dancers, coaching competitive crews, organising workshops & travelling the world to expand her dance knowledge & participate in dance events as an instructor & judge.
She is the owner of The ProDancers Studio and The ProDancers School in Thessaloniki, and the organiser of the international dance convention In10sive Mastercamp Greece. Her dance studios host multiple award winning crews & megacrews and she herself has been a member of Drama Queens Crew that represented Greece at the World Hip Hop Championship in 2014. They are also in alliance with Jam Republic, the global dance agency based in Singapore that manages the most famous choreographers in the world.
Since 2016, she has been producing dancing adaptation of famous musicals such as Chicago & Grease and in 2019 she choreographed & produced her own show, Love. She is also the main coach & choreographer of Claire’s Cult, which involves over 10 dance crews and 100 dancers.
Her dance style varies from hip hop & jazz to sexy choreos on & off heels. You can keep up with her work on instagram @clairekarapidaki or @claires.cult & on youtube @prodancersstudio, Welcome @clairekarapidaki

Sara Ganem

Sara Ganem is a street style (hip hop,dancehall,Popping,Breaking) artist from Greece.Her big passion is Dancehall, a style she dedicated herself the last 7 years with great success!She counts many workshops in France, Austria, Kazakhstan,Italy,Russia and all over Greece! She is the organizer of the biggest dancehall festival in Greece the “Tun it up Festival”. Very excited to have her in our team this year ,we are absolute sure her class will burn down the dancefloor!Welcome Sara!

Haris Christodoulou

He is a well known hip hop dancer and instructor from our dear Cyprus!Multitalented in many dance styles,he has worked for 2 years as a dancer for Despoina Vandi and Loukas Kosmidis (Winner of the first SYTYCD GREECE).He represented Armenia as a dancer under choreographer Amy Zarian and nowadays he lives and works in Cyprus as a chreographer and event organizer. It is a great pleasure that he will join us this summer!Welcome Haris Christodoulou!

Erica Panagopoulou

Our next teacher is Erica Panagopoulou a crazy skilled young dancer from Greece. She has been dancing since she was very young. She has participated in a lot of dance events in Greece and worldwide (Fair Play Dance Camp, Dancehall Master, skillz on the floor etc) and she has taken significant places at dance competitions and battles . We could say that her style is more like a mix of Hip Hop and dancehall.Her energy will blow your minds away!






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